What is PPD?

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Pay-Per-Download (PPD) is a performance-based program that allows you to increase downloads by up to 150 percent, while maintaining control of your costs.

Top-shelf placement: A top-five "sponsored" listing for your product within the CNET Download.com category.

Powerful promotion: Out-of-category promotional rotation, including CNET Download.com post-download pages and other placements in our partner network.

Search keywords: 10 additional keywords for possible top five listing in relevant CNET Download.com search results.

Pay for performance: Only pay for initiated downloads from unique users.

No risk: You choose the bid amount and monthly spending cap for your campaign. After your cap is reached you may either renew or cancel.

How it Works

At the beginning of the month, we open bidding for the top five placements in each software category across CNET Download.com. At bidding close, we award sponsored placements to the top bids for the upcoming calendar month.

Your PPD bid is the amount you will pay for each Certified Unique Download, up to the maximum amount that you are willing to spend for the promotion (Spend Cap). Bids are evaluated against each product's download history, and competing bids are then ranked according to estimated spend.

Promotion begins on the first of the month and ends on either the last day of the month, or when the spend cap is reached (whichever comes first). If you are about to hit your spend cap, you may renew your bid or allow your campaign to expire, at which point your slot will be offered to the next highest bidder.

For more information about Pay-Per-Download, please see our Bidding Help, Program FAQ, and PPD Terms. You also can submit your contact information and an account representative will get in touch with you.

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